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CCNA Course

Become Cisco Certified Network Associate

Duraion: 3 Months
Fee: Rs.25000

Prerequisite knowledge:


Become Cisco Certified Network Associate

👉 Training Features:

✔️ Project Oriented Training with Live Code in Class

✔️ Physical + Online options available

✔️ Become NexusBerry Certified Developer

✔️ All Physical + Online lectures are recorded and shared with all students

✔️ Internship leading to a job in our software house

✔️ Freelancing Training

✔️ 24-hour support via WhatsApp groups and portal

✔️ Multiple Timing Options: Morning, evening, and weekend

✔️ Free Demo Class


This class includes lecture sections and some self-study sections. In instructor-led classes,\nlectures are delivered in real-time, either in person or via video conferencing. In e-learning\nclasses, the lectures are on recorded videos.\nSection title\nExploring the Functions of Networking\nIntroducing the Host-to-Host Communications Model\nOperating Cisco IOS Software\nIntroducing LANs\nExploring the TCP/IP Link Layer\nStarting a Switch\nIntroducing the TCP/IP Internet Layer, IPv4 Addressing, and\nSubnets\nExplaining the TCP/IP Transport Layer and Application Layer\nExploring the Functions of Routing\nConfiguring a Cisco Router\nExploring the Packet Delivery Process\nTroubleshooting a Simple Network\nIntroducing Basic IPv6\nConfiguring Static Routing\nImplementing VLANs and Trunks\nRouting Between VLANs\nIntroducing OSPF\nBuilding Redundant Switched Topologies\nImproving Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel\nExploring Layer 3 Redundancy\nIntroducing WAN Technologies\nExplaining Basics of ACL\nEnabling Internet Connectivity\nIntroducing QoS\nExplaining Wireless Fundamentals\nIntroducing Architectures and Virtualization\nExplaining the Evolution of Intelligent Networks\nIntroducing System Monitoring\nManaging Cisco Devices\nExamining the Security Threat Landscape

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