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React Native for Android and iOS App Development

A Comprehensive Training to Master Cross-Platform Mobile App Creation, Implement Advanced Development Techniques, Best Practices, and Advance Your Journey Towards Becoming a Highly-Skilled React Native Developer.

Duraion: 3 Months
Fee: Rs.30000


Utilizing the most current iteration of React Native, this course prioritizes efficiency. Bid farewell to convoluted, outdated, or incomplete tutorials, and instead, embark on a journey to construct proficient and contemporary Android and iPhone (iOS) applications. Graduates of NexusBerry have successfully secured positions in leading national and international tech companies.

We assure you that this is the most extensive online resource for React Native. This project-centered course will acquaint you with the entire modern toolkit used by React Native app developers. Along the way, we will collaborate on the development of a substantial mobile application using React, React Hooks, Expo, React Navigation, Firebase, Styled-Components, Google Maps/Places API, React Animations, Stripe Payments, and more. This endeavor encompasses both iOS and Android platforms.

The curriculum is designed to be highly interactive, guiding you through every stage of releasing a professional React Native project, from inception to production. We commence with instructing you in React fundamentals and progressively delve into advanced topics, equipping you with the skills to make informed decisions regarding architecture and tools for your future React Native projects.

Each line of code will be meticulously provided, and we'll code together during the training sessions. You will gain access to the entire master project code, enabling every course participant to instantly enhance their portfolio with a unique application.

The topics covered include:

  • React Basics
  • React Native Fundamentals
  • Debugging React Native
  • React Navigation
  • React Hooks
  • Custom React Hooks
  • Firebase API
  • Google Maps API
  • React Best Practices
  • React Native Best Practices
  • Persistence and Session Storage
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Lottie Animations
  • Eslint and Code Refactoring
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • React Native AsyncStorage and Animation
  • CSS in JS - Styled Components
  • React Native Styling
  • Installing Custom Fonts
  • Device Permissions
  • React Native App Layout
  • Modular React Code
  • Building on Expo
  • Distributing Apps to App and Google Play Store
  • Integrating Payments With Stripe API
  • And more

You might wonder why we're not embarking on 10+ projects. Here's the unvarnished truth: Many courses focus on teaching React Native by having you build numerous simplistic projects that can be completed in a day, spicing them up with some styling. However, in the real world, you won't be working on trivial applications. When applying for jobs, employers seek candidates who can create substantial, scalable apps with sound architecture, ready for deployment to app stores.

Allow me to elucidate the three distinctive facets that set this course apart from any other React Native tutorial online:

  1. You will tackle the most substantial project offered in any course. Implementing such a project independently would take you months.

  2. The course is led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who have firsthand experience with React Native at some of the industry's largest firms.

  3. You'll acquire principles that extend beyond basic skills. Drawing from the instructors' experiences, you'll learn about design patterns, app architecture, code organization, folder structure, and performance optimization. We delve deep into advanced topics and are committed to keeping the course current, ensuring you always have access to the latest best practices.

This course isn't about mindlessly following along without grasping the underlying principles. Upon completing this course, you'll be challenged and pushed to evolve from an absolute React Native beginner into a developer ranking among the top 10% in the field.

We look forward to welcoming you to the course!

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