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Chinese Language Course

Duraion: Months
Fee: Rs.35000

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COURSE INTRO:\nThis beginner's course is designed for students who desire to study Chinese systematically. The course uses mix method to introduce the language in real-life settings. Pinyin and simplified characters are used. Accurate pronunciation, tones, and grammatical expressions are the main focuses for this course.\n\nCOURSE OBJECTIVES\nThis course is designed for students who have little or no prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. The main focus of this course is to develop the student’s oral Communication skills in Mandarin. This course aims to help students to excel in future by mastering the pinyin system, and to be well conversant with basic Mandarin sentence patterns. Also, students will learn how to read and write several Chinese characters. By the end of this course, students will be able to conversant in Mandarin. This course aims to provide basic level language training to international students through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course content focuses on conversation in everyday settings. The topics include introduction to pinyin and Chinese characters, greetings, family, dates and time, hobbies, making appointments and school life. This course will enable students to participate in brief conversation with basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar and collect simple information through asking and answering questions. Through various kinds of exercises, students are expected to understand simple signs and general messages that contain familiar characters and give brief answers to simple questions closely related to their personal life with what they have acquired in Chinese.\n\nCOURSE CONTENT AND DELIVERY PLAN\n Lecture\nTopics\nAssessment Item\n(Used for this topic)\n\n\n1\nIntroduction of Chinese Language \n Class Activity, Class discussion\n2\nChinese Language Tones\nGroup discussion\n3\nPhonetic Alphabets\nGroup discussion\n4\nBasic Greeting\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n5\nUse full expression\nGroup discussion, Assignment 1\n6\nColors Names\nGroup discussion\n7\nDialogue\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n8\nCounting\nGroup discussion\n9\nName of Months and days of week\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n10\nName of animals\nGroup discussion\n11\nName of family members (I)\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n12\nName of family members (II)\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n13\nParts of body\nGroup discussion\n14\nMaking Friends and interaction with different Nationalities\nGroup discussion\n15\nName of person \n Class Activity, Class discussion, Quiz 1\n16\nMeals and food\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n\n\nMid Term\n\n\n17\nCommon words\nGroup discussion\n18\nBasic Grammar\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n19\nChinese writing\nGroup discussion, Assignment 2\n20\nChinese Culture and History\nGroup discussion, Quiz 2\n21\nHistorical places\n Class Activity, Class discussion\n22\nHSK-1 Vocabulary\nGroup discussion\n23\nBasic Stroke\nClass Activity, Class discussion\n24\nTravelling\nGroup discussion\n25\nBuying and Selling \nQuiz 3 , Group discussion\n26\nListening Practice HSK-1 \nClass Activity, Class discussion\n27\nFinal Project (video shooting)\nPresentation\n28\nFinal Project (video shooting)\nPresentation\n29\nFinal Exam & MocK Exam HSK-1)\n\n\nLEARNING RESOURCES\nBooks:\nHSK-1 Standard Chinese Language (Text Book)\nHSK-1 Standard Chinese Language (Work Book)\n\n\n","subTitle":null,"shortDescription":"LEARNING OUTCOMES\nBy the completion of this course, students will be able to:\n- Converse effectively in rudimentary/beginning Chinese, showing a sound understanding of the grammatical structure of the language as well as a good working vocabulary.\n- Demonstrate listening comprehension in a number of simple circumstances.\n- Use the Chinese language to confidently communicate on a range of topics related to everyday situations such (e.g. to order food, ask and give directions, count, bargain for and purchase goods, tell time, discuss family, hobbies, likes and dislikes, book hotel rooms and arrange transportation).\n- Recognize and write approximately 300 Chinese characters.\n- Read and write simple sentences in Chinese.

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